The Thief of Homburg

Project overview (27.01.2022)

The real Homburg

Homburg is a ruined castle located in Basel Landschaft, Switzerland.
This project tries to communicate archeological research about the ruined castle “Homburg” combined with the playfulness of modern video games. Motivated by the idea to reach and inspire a wide range of people potentially interested in archeology as well as actuat the players to visit the real castle located in Basel Landschaft.

Based on actual events the player tries to enter the castle as a thief, carefully navigating through a variety of locations. Throughout the gameplay the player learns the carefully reconstructed layout of “Homburg”. Numerous interactable objects give the player insights into everyday life around the year 1775.


We are currently looking for project financement and cooperations to complete the project. Feel free to reach out to us. We are looking forward to your message.

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